What is Cards Against Humanity?

Cards Against Humanity is a table top card game that provides players with inappropriate answers to tasteless questions.

This game has been a “Top Seller” in the games category in Amazon for last few years. with over 25,000 customer reviews.

Cards Against Humanity box

Cards Against Humanity comes with 550 cards, 460 response cards and 90 questionnaire or situation cards, that are slanted in such a way that almost every combination will give you a politically incorrect and hopefully humorous response.

You can also play Cards Against Humanity Online. ( Links are at the bottom of my review). The online game doesn’t let you have the same interaction as with the Cards of Humanity table top game does, but it is listed below.

Card Against Humanity game that’s definitely not your typical family orientated game, as it contains, what many may conclude as offensive language, phrases, and jokes, that you will not want the kiddies to repeat at school tomorrow. Unless you really want that parent/teacher conference.

Cards Against Humanity Examples_1

Cards Against Humanity game is not for people who are easily offended. It may be likened to a type of Apples to Apples for adults. But that is the nature of this game, the apparent rudeness, maybe this is what draws so many people to the game.

It is the type of game that is meant to be played with family or very close friends in a private setting, and I doubt it would translate well to a public setting with strangers. As I said earlier, this game provides tasteless answers to inappropriate questions and is very politically incorrect.

When playing this game I would feel like I was an Archie Bunker, type of character from “All in the Family”. We enjoyed that show because of the statements and offences he spoke. It was his nature and he offend all ‘peoples’ equally. I wonder how well a show like that would play now days with all our political correctness run-a-muck. Maybe that is what makes this game so popular and hard to find.

Cards Against Humanity can only be purchased from three online store’s that I know of, Amazon, Ebay, and the Cards Against Humanity website.
I heard of people trying to buy cards against humanity in stores, like Target or Walmart. but I personally have not been able to find it there.

Those of us who like Cards Against Humanity walk away from this game thinking about how much we laughed and not so much the rudeness of the cards. This is the passion that builds word of mouth much faster than any advertising could ever do. People go and tell their friends and get them involved. It is a lot of fun.

Cards Against Humanity – Strategy

Strategy ?

This post is about the Strategy of how to win the game, Cards against Humanity.  Ha Ha.  This will be a short post, for sure.

That’s just it, there isn’t any strategy to win this game. You can’t out think, or out maneuver your other players, There is no way you can over come your opponents, through any skill you may possess or any absurd trivia knowledge you may have acquired. Everyone plays on an equal footing.

That is the beauty of this game. The only advantage a player may have is how well they know the other players. That’s it. That is the Strategy, you must learn about your opponents.

When a ‘Statement/Questionnaire’ (Black) card is played, that starts the hand. Each player will respond, (White Card), with what you think the dealer of this hand will pick. If they pick your card you will win that round. And those are basically the cards against humanity rules. How easy is that?

cards against humanity rules 9839858_f520

Cards Against Humanity, shifts the focus from the individual cards to the people playing, making it a test that determines how well you know the other people at the table. Are they married? What kinds of movies do they like? Where do they work? What kinds of jokes do they find funny?

You’re trying to predict how people will react to a given set of circumstances, and then you make choices based on those predictions.

Cards Against Humanity comes with 550 cards for a low price of $25.
Their are over 13 duodecillion(1 unit followed by 39 zeros!) possible combinations of Response cards to the Statement/Questionnaire cards when played with six players. So every game will be different and you will never get bored.

Cards Against Humanity
The cards are made from excellent quality card material and printed professionally. The game is flexible enough that you may create your own house rules or you can spice up the game even more by applying alternative house rules specified in the manual provided. Get your set from Amazon with this link now.

Recommendations for the Game


As you may have guessed from reading my full review. Yes, I would recommend Cards Against Humanity, but with some cautionary notes.

The game, by its very nature is designed to be, at the least, Politically Incorrect and, at the most, outright Offensive to some. But it is this apparent rudeness that draws people to Cards Against Humanity.

Cards Against Humanity


The game is fun and has the ability to evolve, keeping it fresh and new. You can add new cards that you build yourself, or buy Expansion sets. (as of this review they have 6 expansion sets). You can even play the game online, although it is not as much FUN as with your friends. But it will give you a taste of what your cards will be like.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review, I hope you enjoy your copy of Cards Against Humanity.